Welcome to the Malt Maniacs Archives. Or actually, the FIRST PART of the archives...
Over the years, our site has grown so massive that the sheer malt mania could no
longer be contained within a single archive. So, this part of the archive covers our
initial progress between the years 1997 and 2006 - sort of our 'wonder years'.
Here you can find articles published in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, etc.
The second part of the archive covers the E-pistles from 2007 until 2011, while
the further developments from 2012 on are recorded on www.maltmaniacs.net.

In this part of the 'archive' section you can find all whisky articles that we
have published between the dawn of time (well, 1997 actually) and the major
crash of the old website in 2006. Admittedly, we had to be a tad 'revisionist'
here and there to neatly fit everything into 100 issues, but you should now
be able to find all content here, on Malt Madness and WhiskyFun (by Serge).
And we've been doing more than write E-pistles, mind you. Drinking whisky,
for example, and then scoring the whisky for the Malt Maniacs Monitor and the
annual Malt Maniacs Awards competition. Just click around to find all our stuff...

ATTENTION: Keen observers may have noticed that not all pages are finished
yet. Sorry; I hope to get things completely wrapped up in the coming months.

MM001 - 30/12/1997 - Earls of Zetland 1997 Annual Roundup (by Craig Daniels, Australia)
The first issue of our E-zine is mostly filled by fairly short articles from Louis Perlman and Johannes, but just
before the year was over Craig kicked things to a whole new level with a year's worth of tasting notes.
MM002 - 31/03/1998 - Blind in the Woods (by Johannes van den Heuvel, Holland)
One of the disadvantages of drinking alone is the fact that you have to drink enough to knock out your short
term memory if you want to do a 'blind whisky tasting' where you have to guess what you are drinking.
Or you can have your friends pour you a blind dram at a party, but in that case you risk public humiliation...
MM008 - 14/07/1999 - Spring 1999 Report from New York (by Louis Perlman, USA)
Can you believe that Malt Maniacs originated in the dark times before official bottlings of Ardbeg were rare?
Not that Ardbeg OB's were expensive, mind you - just very hard to find, even in a metropolis like New York.
MM009 - 23/12/1999 - Is Lagavulin Quality Changing? (by Davin de Kergommeaux, Canada)
Back in the good old 1990's, most liquorists and whisky industry people would flat-out deny that a phenomenon
like batch variation exists. Fortunately, we now have the internet, where consumers can compare notes.
MM010 - 04/03/2000 - Malt Maniacs Meeting II (by Davin de Kergommeaux, Canada)
When malt mania strikes, people can get a little crazy. So, a large chunk of the three weeks that Davin spent in
Europe (including Amsterdam) were spent drinking and discussing single malt whisky and other niceties.
MM011 - 08/07/2000 - An Indian's Pilgrimage to Islay (by Krishna Nukala, India)
Many malt maniacs love to travel, and some of them take it to extremes. Our brand new Indian maniac Krishna
(the Asian kind of Indian, not the American variety) travels all across the world to make 'whisky pilgrimages'.
This time, he travelled to the small Scottish island of Islay to visit the birthplace of Lagavulin whisky.
MM012 - 02/09/2000 - A Visit to Amsterdam (by Klaus Everding, Germany)
One of the 'junior' maniacs dropped by in Amsterdam to share whiskies and some mild insults about football
with Johannes in his little man cave. As a scientist, Klaus brought many interesting insights to the table.


MM013 - 16/11/2000 - Nitrogen Injectors? (by Johannes van den Heuvel, Holland)
Two of our youngest recruits brought some scientific credentials to our group, so when we learned about a way to slow down oxidation of
malt whisky (which can be a bad thing, but doesn't have to be), we could actually have a short but meaningful debate about it.
MM013 - 28/11/2000 - An Indian's Pilgrimage to Orkney (by Krishna Nukala, India)
Krishna hasn't recovered from the bite of the travel bug. This time he visited another part of Scotland; the island of Orkney in the north.
MM014 - 31/12/2000 - Vox Populi Excerpts (by Johannes van den Heuvel, Holland)
Before Malt Maniacs really became Malt Maniacs, a lot of different people contributed to the now defunct Vox Populi section: our forum.
MM015 - 15/01/2001 - What does Birch whisky taste like? (by Lex Kraaijeveld, UK)
Lex likes to investigates the 'roads less traveled'. This time he tracks an obscure tale about birch whisky in the book that whisky writer
Alfred Barnard wrote over a century ago.

MM016 - 31/01/2001 - How To Choose The Blind (by Craig Daniels, Australia)
The capable nose of our Australian maniac Craig Daniels has helped him win quite a few blind tasting competitions in the past.
He decided to share some of his knowledge and experience with the rest of the whisky loving world. In this E-pistle Craig explains which rules
apply for choosing the blind and how you can make it a fair test.

MM017 - 29/03/2001 - Ardbeggeddon II, Las Vegas (by Louis Perlman, USA)
The annual 'Ardbeggeddon' event in Las Vegas from the PLOWED crowd is only in its second year, but it's already acquired a legendary status.
Louis flew all the way from New York to report on the second instalment of this 'over the top' private whisky festival.

MM018 - 01/07/2001 - Hungry Fungi (by Lex Kraaijeveld, United Kingdom)
The angels are taking their fair share of the whisky; the 'angel's share of whisky that evaporates from the casks is said to be more than 100 million litres of whisky each year. But there's another group of parasites that leech off casks of maturing Scotch whisky...

MM019 - 01/07/2001 - Yes, I Still Drink Whisky (by Davin de Kergommeaux, Canada)
The world-wide travels of Davin enable him to sample a wide variety of (sometimes exotic) whiskies.
After his latest trip, Davin could add tasting notes for 30 new whiskies to his little black book.


That's it for now, at least as far as this (old) part of the Malt Maniacs Archive is concerned. I will rebuild the part of the archive that
covers the years 2001 until 2006 in the coming months. Meanwhile, you can find all of the fresher stuff in THE ARCHIVE - PART II.

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