Malt Madness - Established 1995
Please proceed with caution...

This website is (mostly) a ‘one man operation’, so the full
recovery of hundreds of pages will take me a few months.

After crashes in 2002 and 2007, the Malt Madness website
came down for the 3d time in December 2014. Sorry about that...

The good news is that the Distillery Data section, the
map and the Malt Maniacs Archives are still surfable.

You can try to read the other pages, but to tell you
the truth I’d rather prefer if you didn’t. If you return in a while,
(say, after May 1), most of the Malt Madness site should be new & improved.
I have some ambitious new plans - and some fresh webtricks up my sleeves.

A bottle of Aberlour 25yo whisky

At the moment, over 99% of the malt whisky information on this website can still be found
on ‘Ye Olde Websyte’ and in the Malt Maniacs Archives (1997-2011). Those archives were
not damaged too much in the crash, and the distillery profiles were mostly unaffected as well.

Malt whisky data

I’m working on a refreshed introduction and an overview of all Liquid Log entries, but for now
the ‘tweet feed’ at the left will have to do. Follow me on Twitter if you want to know when I’ve
managed to add more new stuff. Meanwhile, these are some of the most popular old pages;

Beginner’s Guide; Vocabulary - Or; do you know your ‘hogshead’ from your ‘butt’?
Beginner’s Guide; Malt Whisky Distillation - The process, from barley to barrel.
Beginner’s Guide; Enjoyment - So, what is the best way to enjoy a malt whisky?
Whisky Distillery Overview - all malt whisky distilleries in Scotland at a glance...
Grain whisky - a closer look at ‘that other type of whisky’ (which is more like wodka).
Interactive Whisky Map of Scotland - the active Scottisch malt whisky distilleries.
World Whiskies - Scotland is just one of dozens of whisky producing countries.
My Bang-For-Your-Buck List - a selection of whiskies offering value for money.
The Scotch Whisky Industry List - Thousands of brands; just a few dozen owners.
Whisky Brands Overview - I’m working on an updated and expended version.
The Reading List - a list with reviews of some of best malt whisky books I’ve read so far.
Log entry #001; My Amazing Discovery - I started my ‘liquid blog’ back in 1996.
Log entry #140; Malt Maniacs Pildrammage 2003 - my first whisky-trip to Scotland.
Log entry #240: Islay Festival 2005 - A bunch of malt maniacs descended on Islay.
Log entry #400; Break Time - After a decade of blogging, it was time for a little break.

For a while, this website will be a strange
blend of ‘old’ and ‘new’ pages. It’s easy to
distinguish between the two; new pages
are centered on larger screens, while
the older pages are aligned to the left...

Those were just a few of the ‘highlights’ - but they need re-igniting...
There are hundreds of old pages fo you to (hopefully) enjoy, but so
far, the biggest struggle has been getting a navigable site live again.

In the coming months I will replace more of the old pages and add
more new ones - but I will keep doing so at my own leisurely pace.
This is not a ‘professional’ site and I want to keep having fun.

Sweet drams,


Malt Madness has crashed

For a while, this website will be a strange
blend of ‘old’ and ‘new’ pages. It should be
easy to distinguish between the two; new
pages are centered on large screens while
the older pages are aligned to the left...

The rest of this website is pretty much in the crapper, I’m afraid - and it will remain in that state for a few months.
Please refer to the sitemap for an overview of fresh pages that have been published since the latest website crash.

ely unscathed as well.)


Malt Madness is 'Frozen'...
Malt Madness on the Waybackmachine

If you’re already familiar with Malt Madness and are looking up
an older article or page, the Wayback Machine might provide
the specific whisky information that you are looking for.

Meanwhile, I will be reconstructing the rest of this website.
Please feel free to return in a few months time; most of the site
should be up and running again by then. Or contact me if you
would like to help out as a ‘test driver’ of some fresh pages.

Check out the sitemap for an overview of the refreshed pages.
Follow me on Twitter if you want to remain updated on the progress of Malt Madness - and lots of other stuff... .

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