Malt Madness Sitemap

So, if you are in the mood for some ‘heavy duty browsing’, I suggest that you either surf to the
(fairly unscathed) Malt Maniacs Archives (1997-2011) or the interactive whisky map of Scotland.
In the foreseeable future, this sitemap will be little more than a steadily growing list of links to the
pages that have been ‘refreshed’ - or at least partly finished.

Christmas came early for me in December 2014 - when most of ‘Ye Olde Webbe Syte’ crashed.
I had just started a major ‘reconstruction’ effort anyway, but this meant that I pretty much had
to start from scratch, rebuilding most of the old pages. This will take me quite some time.

, while I n? For now, the old Distillery Data section provides distillery profiles on more than 100 Scotch malt whisky distilleries
while the interactive whisky map of Scotland allows you to find the location of all distilleries. There is plenty of older
whisky stuff to read until I’ve refurbished other parts of this website.



Old-fashioned ‘static’ websites like these are difficult to read on the tiny screens of smart phones.
Just after I had started the third major reconstruction of Malt Madness in 2015, Google informed
us that these old-fashioned websites will be more difficult to find through their search engine.

As a result, I’ll have to change my original plans and start work on the Whisky Lexicon - a new
website that is also browsable on smart phones and tablets. However, I’ll also try to finish the
reconstruction of Malt Madness 3.0. If all goes according to plan, the latest version of this old
website will be divided into six sections - the overview below shows their contents & status.

I think that some Scotch malt whiskies are among the greatest spirits ever produced.
But those whiskies were distilled a few decades ago - they just don’t make ‘em like they used to.
Fortunately, they make excellent whisky in countries like Japan, Taiwan and India now as well.
And there are plenty of interesting ‘malternatives’ like port, sherry, cognac and rum.   >>>>>



- Obviously...
- An introduction to this website and its contents...
- This page is not actually finished yet.
- Contact information.
- A ‘Work In Progress’, featuring active Scotch distilleries.
- 10 chapters are finished, and more stuff is in the works.
- An overview of over 400 old and new (B)Log entries.
- About the very first stage of my ‘malt madness’ affliction.
- By the time ‘stage 2’ set in, the symptoms worsened.
- Gradually, the complete and utter madness subdued.
- After the dust had settled, spirits and links were broken.
- A review of the tenth edition, covering the year 2015.

Malt Madness on the Waybackmachine

If you’re already familiar with Malt Madness and are looking up
an older article or page, the Wayback Machine might provide
the specific whisky information that you are looking for.

My sincere apologies for the screwed up navigation of the third
incarnation of this old site. The overview of pages above is not
exhaustive, so if you scroll down you can find a more detailed
overview of my progress with the reconstruction of the site.

Drinking whisky all by yourself could be perceived as sad - unless you have a valid excuse.
I started keeping tasting notes in my Liquid Log in the late 1990s, which gave me an excuse
to have a few drams almost every evening until 2012. By the time I had written 400 log entries
my doctor told me that I should probably take it a little easier on the almost daily dramming. 




Do you know what earlier versions Malt Madness were missing? A list with detailed information
about the words and phrases that are commonly used in the whisky world. But just after I had
started work on this new website section, it turned out that I had to build a whole new website.
And confusingly enough I decided to name that website ‘Whisky Lexicon’ as well.   >>>>>

This put my log on hold for a little while - but it wasn’t long before my opinions started to itch again.
My new blog will be lighter on tasting notes (after sampling over 5,000 whiskies, the drive to sample has diminished),
but that doesn’t mean I’ve lost the inclination to burden the web with my purely personal opinions about whisky.

When the malt madness struck me in the early 1990s, the only decent whisky that I could find
in Holland was malt whisky from Scotland. And I was in luck, because thanks to overproduction
in the 1970s and 1980s the stuff was quite affordable. So, I started on a quest to try and taste
six different expression from every active distillery in Scotland. Thus, the DD section was born.




The locations of (almost) all malt whisky distilleries can be found on the interactive whisky map.
Moving your mouse over the location of a distillery will trigger a tiny window with some additional
information to pop up. Clicking on the name of the distillery will take you to the profile of that
distillery in the Distillery Data section with even more information, opinions and tasting notes.

The old Distillery Data section contains 150 pages about the Scotch distilleries which are (more or less) surfable.
Apart from some historical and technical details on every active (and recently closed) distillery, the distillery data
section contains thousands of tasting notes for various expressions of each malt whiksy distillery in Scotland.
Plans for the future include an updated Scotch Distillery Fact Sheet and perhaps even a database.   >>>>>

However, there’s one problem with the map: it only covers Scotland. Interesting whiskies are produced in many
other countries as well now. So, I’ll look into ways to feature more countries in the next version of the map.   >>>>>

The whisky world can be quite confusing for novices. If you happen to be one of those, you
shouldn’t wasting too much time feeling ashamed about that. And you should make the most
of that time by drinking away your shame with a few bottles of whisky. That way, you can start
reading the Beginner’s Guide to Malt Whisky with at least some actual drinking experience.



The ‘basic’ information you’ll need during your explorations fits neatly into 10 chapters and I’m in the process of
adding some more pages like the ‘Whisky Label Inspector’ and the Debunker Bunker. People keep asking about
the Advanced Beginner’s Guide, but that has been put on hold until this website is reconstructed.  >>>>>

Direct links to the 10 chapters will be added shortly.

That’s it for now - follow me on Twitter to stay informed about future updates.

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