Liquid Log overview - my Scotch whisky soapbox

When I started publishing my rants & raves about malt whisky in 1997,
the word ‘blog’ hadn’t been invented yet. So, when I had to choose a
name for my ‘dram diary’ of whisky tasting notes, I chose ‘Liquid Log’.

That little break turned into a long one, because I enjoyed the slower pace.
What’s more, the fact that I didn’t spend hours a day on sampling whisky and exchanging dozens of messages
about whisky gave me a broader perspective on the whisky world. In turn, this gave me a reason to blog again.
However, I will do so at a much slower pace - writing whenever I feel like it and/or whenever ‘the spirit moves me’.

But my ‘Liquid Log’ was basically the same as a blog; a continuous
stream of my personal opinions and my experiences with malt whisky.
My Log was my own little soap box, from which I could shout whatever
I wanted, whenever I wanted. And so I did - until log entry #400.

In 2012, I felt that I had pretty much written all that I wanted to write,
at least in the form of articles about Scotch whisky. So, I decided
to retire from the Malt Maniacs and take a little break from blogging.

Blogging about Scotch whiskey since 1997
Technical difficulties

The very first stage of my affliction wasn’t too bad, but ...
... by the time ‘stage 2’ set in, the symptoms worsened.
Complete and utter madness; chaos and odd behaviour.
After the dust had settled, spirits and links were broken.
If you buy just one whisky book a year, this is the one.
Apparently, the times are a-changing. Again...
To be confirmed...

This enhanced perspective was great and all, but it also meant that some of
the statements I’ve made on ‘Ye Olde Syte’ (see this screenshot from 2001)
needed ‘refinement’. So, it was time to re-open my blog. The design could
use an update as well, but I’m still hoping that it will come back into fashion.

Aberlour 25yo Scotch whisky

A Beginner's Guide to Malt Whisky - 10 chapters to help you fully appreciate whisky.
Distillery Data - 150 pages about whisky distilleries in Scotland and an interactive map.
mAlmanac - a ‘virtual whisky pocket guide’ including my ‘hit list’ and my ‘shit list’.
Liquid Log - archive of 400 reports with tasting notes on more than 3,000 malts.
Deviant Drams - some ‘malternatives’ like blends, vatted malts and world whiskies.

So, ‘Ye Olde Syte’ was launched way back in 1995 - and it recently ‘crashed’ once again.
The pages of the Malt Maniacs Archives and the Distillery Data section managed to escape
the carnage relatively unscathed, but many pages in one of the other sections look like crap
and are difficult to read. Nevertheless, because I’d like to think that some of the information
could still be of use to some people (especially relative novices in the world of malt whisky),
I’ll keep these old pages on-line until I’ve managed to rebuild and refresh them...

So, if you really want to read more about malt whisky RIGHT NOW, here are links
to the five main sections of ‘Ye Olde Malt Madness Syte’. Please proceed with caution.

As far as the reconstruction process of the Malt Madness website is concerned,
please check out the sitemap - it provides an overview of the latest changes to the site.
Because the entire process will take at least a few months, it might be a good idea for
novices to check out the ‘Beginner’s Guide’ and proceed with practicing their dramming.
You will need to build a frame of reference - and train your nose, palate and liver...

Alcohol warning
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