December 15, 2014 - Hello, it’s me again...
If you were expecting a normal liquid log entry, you were sadly mistaken.
Upcoming articles will deal with whisky issues again, but the upcoming
reconstruction will be a big operation. Links and hearts will be broken...

This page deals with another issue: old pages that cannot be found.


When I write this, over 99% of this website still consists of pages that were last
updated years ago. As a resut, content may be outdated and links may be broken.

For a while, this website will be a strange
blend of ‘old’ and ‘new’ pages. It’s easy to
distinguish between the two; new pages
are centered on larger screens, while
the older pages are aligned to the left...

But that’s not all - it’s time to adapt the structure of MM as well.
The five ‘tabs’ of ‘Ye Olde Syte’ won’t provide the most sensible way
of accessing all of the extra whisky information that I intend to add.

Factual errors and broken links bother the crap out of me, but the crash
of my old PC has sort of ‘frozen’ this website as well. Updating all of the
old pages by directly editing the HTML code would take years of work,
so I decided to try and rebuild most of the old webpages instead.

So, this ‘liquid log entry’ will actually be some sort of ‘change log’
that shows which pages have been updated or added - and when.
(I hope the fact that the order is reverded doesn’t freak you out.)

Updates to Malt Madness in 2015

Happy new year!
It looks like it’s going to be a great year (as years go), but it looks like you will have to spend the
first few weeks of it without any more fresh material on Malt Madness. I’ll have to do some boring ‘behind the scenes’
work before I can publish more new pages. Meanwhile, the old Distillery Data section is still (sort of) navigable.
Furthermore, I’ve published a fresh Blog entry: a review of the Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015 - which is as useful a
substitute as any to keep you informed and entertained while Malt Madness is being reconstructed.

Since you are reading this, I assume that you are either interested in the progress of the site - or VERY bored.
It looks like part of the reconstruction process will be very boring for me as well. So if you’re reading this because
of the second reason, I assume that you can sympathise - and fully accept that I will be taking regular breaks.
If you are reading this because your interest in this website and/or malt whisky is bigger than average, I’m happy
to report that you can now help to speed up the reconstruction process.
If you want to test fresh pages, contact me.

Laphroaig Quarter Cask malt whisky

The fact that some people use mobile
phones to visit websites these days is no
reason to ‘dumb down’ websites. I need
every single one of my 1170 pixels, so I
won’t use a ‘responsive’ design here.

Coming Soon on Malt Madness

There are actually a few expansions and upgrades in the works, but I want to keep those under
wraps for now. Some ‘technical’ issues need solving and I will have to check up on a lot of details.
Many ambitious plans have been bouncing around inside my head, but I will also have to make
sure that some outdated information on ‘Ye Olde Syte’ is updated sooner rather than later..

At the very top of my to-do list is an update of the Scotch Whisky Industry List - an overview
of the distilleries in Scotland and the companies that own them. It might also be time to increase
the scope by including whisky distilleries in other countries as well, but that takes research.

The Advanced Beginner’s Guide (working title) will probably be next.
The ten chapters of the old Beginner’s Guide should still be useful to a novice in the world
of whisky, but I’ve learned a lot of other interesting stuff as well over the past fifteen years.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep adding fresh entries to
my Liquid Blog - and maybe even finish the
other half of the Malt Maniacs Archives one
day. To cut a long story short: things will get
better with the website, but it will take time.
Watch the tweet feed for news...  

At some point I may also have to integrate the Distillery Data and Deviant Drams sections.
That massive task is still daunting and taunting me from some point in the faraway future,
but I should get to it eventually. Meanwhile, I can entertain myself by catching up on some
long overdue sampling of some more ‘exotic’ whiskies from faraway places.

Coming Soon

The Glasgow Distillery Company wasn’t
established until 2013, yet they bought a
cask of whisky (supposedly from a broker)
in 2014 and labeled it as their own whisky.
They claim it’s a 30 years old malt whisky.

I haven’t made any major changes to the website since I wrote log entry #400 - so that’s where I re-started...
A fresh overview of my Liquid Log has been added, as well as my first fresh entry in more than two years. In this
entry (and the next two), I will take a long look back on the progression of my severe case of ‘malt madness’.

The 1990’s were strange times for all of us, but right now they still start to look like ‘a different, simpler time’.
The only sheets with style were the ones on your bed - and they certainly were not cascading! But apparently they
now are. And trying to integrate and old NetObjects site, na new NetObjects site and WordPress is quite tricky.
After successfully adding entry #402 and entry #403 to my Liquid Log, the website ‘crashed’ again, so instead of
publishing a brand new site in a few weeks it will take months...

It looks like the reconstruction of the entire old site will take quite
some time. So, until some more fresh and refreshed pages have
been added, I kindly suggest that you browse through one part of
the website (sort of) that was not affected: Malt Maniacs Archives.
Those articles were written a few years ago, but many of them still
contain information that might enhance your whisky knowledge.

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