You should still be able to find a lot of surfable information in sections like the
Beginner’s Guide to Malt Whisky and the Distillery Data section, but I’m not sure
if and when I will ever be able to fully reconstruct the old Malt Madness site again.

December 31, 2015 - Just before Christmas 2014 this site suffered from a crash.
At this point the site had grown larger than it had ever been before - which also
meant that the reconstruction would last longer than ever before.

Malt Madness in 1999

The picture at the left shows
this website as it looked in the
1990s. Those were the good old
days when we were still happy
with screens of 800x600 pixels.

We’ve come a long way since
the time when there were just
a few whisky websites. These
days there are literally thousands
of websites about whisky.

I’ll probably keep tinkering on this old-fashioned website (and I’ll keep posting fresh whisky news on Twitter and
the Malt Madness Facebook page), but now that proceeds from advertising on MM have significantly diminished,
my motivation partly depends on the donations that visitors use to express their appreciation for the site.

So, there’s no shortage of
facts and opinions anymore.

Sorry, this page doesn't exist anymore
Malt Madness is 'Frozen'...

There are still hundreds of pages on Malt Madness. Here are a few suggestions to continue your browsing:

Malt Madness Introduction - Some Suggestions

An overview of the Scotch whisky industry, divided by ownership of distilleries.
A list of the major Scotch whisky bottlers - independent and industry-owned.
There are far more malt whisky brands than there are malt whisky distilleries.
Some more information about yours truly - Johannes van den Heuvel.

A shortlist with some of the whisky words that novices might struggle with.
Scotch whisky needs at least 3 years in a cask - and sometimes decades.
Shopping for whisky can be a treacherous business with some pitfalls.
When it comes to tasting whisky things can seem intimidating.
I’ve started a page with some tips on how to decypher a whisky label.

An overview of all active and recently closed distilleries in Scotland.
The number of Scotch whisky regions is debatable - 3 or 5?
Grain whisky is Scotland’s dirty little secret: the main ingredient of blends.
Besides being home of many Scots & Scotches, Scotland is worth a visit.
One of roughly 150 old and refurbished distillery profiles on MM.

An alphabetical overview of the pages in the Whisky Lexicon.
Commentary on ‘A’ entries like ABV, age statement, aldehydes, analyser, etc.
Commentary on ‘B’ entries like barley, barrel, bespoke cask, BFYB, body, etc.
Commentary on ‘C’ entries like caramel, casks, centilitre, chill filtration, etc.
Commentary on ‘D’ entries like DCL, dram, dùn, dunnage warehouse, etc.
Commentary on ‘E’ entries like E150A, esters, ethanol, evaporation, etc.
Commentary on ‘F’ entries like fake whiskies, feints, fermentation, etc.
Commentary on ‘G’ entries like Gaelic, germination, glassware, etc.
Commentary on ‘H’ entries like H2H, heads, health, hogshead, hoop, etc.
Commentary on ‘I’ entries like IB, Imperial System of Units, isopropanol, etc.
Commentary on ‘J’ entries like J. & A. Mitchell & Co., Jock’s Well, Jura, etc.
Commentary on ‘K’ entries like kelpie, Kilkerran, kiln, Kingsbarns, etc.
Commentary on ‘L’ entries like label, Ladybank, lauter tun, Lomond still, etc.
Commentary on ‘M’ entries like malt, malted barley, maltings, mash tun, etc.
Commentary on ‘N’ entries like NAS, neck, nephelometer, new make spirit, etc.

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