I’ll probably keep tinkering on this old-fashioned website (and I’ll keep posting fresh
whisky news on Twitter and the Malt Madness Facebook page), but now that proceeds
from advertising on MM have significantly diminished my motivation partly depends on the
donations that visitors use to express their appreciation for the site.

You should still be able to find a lot of surfable information in sections like the
Beginner’s Guide to Malt Whisky and the Distillery Data section, but I’m not sure
if and when I will ever be able to fully reconstruct the old website again.

December 31, 2014 - Just before Christmas this website suffered from a crash.
At this point the site had grown larger than it had ever been before - which also
meant that the reconstruction would last longer than ever before.

Sorry, this page doesn't exist anymore
Malt Madness is 'Frozen'...
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