Personal favourite whiskey links

Ardbeg Project
Australian Single Malt Whisky Club
Billy's Booze Blog
Canadian Whisky
Cask Six Belgium
Cask Strength
Distillery Map of Scotland
Dr. Whisky
Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society
Malt Maniacs
Malt Maniacs Monitor
Malts-L Archive (Low Tech)
Scotch Chix
Singapore Whisky Blog
Still Life (Glasgow)
Uisgebeatha Whisky Club
Whiskies & Distilleries
Whisky Brother
Whisky Emporium
Whisky Magazine
Whisky News
Whisky Van Geest
Whisky Whisky Whisky Forum
More whisky links to follow...

Dedicated to Ardbeg, "the Ultimate Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky" according to Tim Puett.
A not-for-profit purchasing co-operative from Australia - run by Brad Wright & Andy Anderson.
This blog about beer and whisky by Billy Abbott immediately charmed me with its alliterative title.
After training his palate on single malts for over a decade, Davin felt ready for Canadian whisky.
The Cask 6 whisky society in Belgium has at least one certified malt maniac as a member.
A very active and humorous whisky blog which was founded by Joel & Neil. A fine piece of work...
Actually, this fully interactive whisky map of Scotland is part of the Malt Madness web site.
A whisky blog by Sam Simmons with fairly regular reports and tasting notes - but no scores, alas.
Oliver Klimek's blog deals with a wide variety of whisky related topics on a frequent basis...
The blog seems to be the most important part of the website, but it offers quite a bit more.
The website of Greek malt maniac Konstantin Grigoriadis - named after himself apparently ;-)
Héhé ;-)  Obviously, the sister site of the international whisky freaks collective is a favourite.
This interactive whisky database already contains data on more than 15,000 whiskies.
A whisky blog with some fresh and original perspectives - not updated very frequently, alas.
During the late 1990's and early noughties, the Malts-L list was the precursor to modern forums.
A very enjoyable blog about Japanese Whisky by Chris Bunting. Even more 'niche' than MM!
A Belgian whisky tasting blog on Wordpress by Johan van Samang. Updated very frequently.
An American whisky blog. At first sight it remains unclear who those "scotch chicks" actually are.
The website is a great source of information. Unfortunately, the e-book is not so much, though...
Benjamin Chen from Singapore fell in love with whisky while he was studying in the UK.
The stylish 'Still Life' website is built around the newsletter of Glasgow's Whisky Club.
This whisky club in South Africa was founded by Joe Barry in 1998 - somewhere in "the colonies".
By Jean-Marie Putz. An overwhelming amount of whisky info. Multi-lingual too (English & French).
So far, the focus of the whisky brother blog (from South Africa) has been firmly on tasting notes.
Mark Gillespie spreads the gospel of whisky in a novel way; through weekly podcasts!
Keith Wood's whisky site offers an eclectic collection of whisky related articles & tasting notes. 
Serge Valentin's website; Malt Maniacs 'dependance', music reviews, the Brora Barnum & more.
I usually prefer non-commercial websites, but Whisky Magazine provides an excellent service.
The confusingly named Whisky News blog by 'malthead' Pete Lamb has some very funny entries.
Ruben didn't start his tasting blog until 2008, but the number of notes is already impressive!
The site includes tasting notes on hundreds of whiskies and a large database of distilleries.
I've been told that this forum started as an alternative to the Whisky Magazine Forum.
More links to whisky publications will hopefully be added in the foreseeable future.

links to other drinks and spirits

Benito's Wine Reviews
Bourbon Enthusiast
Cap'n Jimbo's Rum Project
Cream Ale Drinker
Irish Whiskey Chaser
Modern Drunkard Magazine
More links to follow...

The psychedelic pattern on this fine wine & food blog resembles a sweater from the 1970's.
This is actually more like a forum about American Bourbon whiskey, rather than a web site.
An original and personal web site about rum - which can be an excellent alternative to whisky.
The site is passionate about local beer breweries in the USA. A nice, clean and tight design.
Irish whiskey is making a comeback - and Adrian Phelan reports on it on this fine looking site.
Well, strictly speaking it's not a 'whisky publication' - but you'll admit the site is very funny ...
More links to sites about other alcoholic drinks will be added in the foreseeable future.

Solid links

Google Search
Google Earth
365 Days Project
Darwin Awards
Doug Stanhope
History House
Internet Movie Database
Joe Cartoon
Nationmaster Statistics
News of the Weird
Norma Munro
Odd Todd
TED; Ideas Worth Spreading
The Flow of Things
The Onion
Things People Said
The Webtender
Urban Legends Archive

Only the best search engine in the world - so Malt Madness obviously ranks high there ;-)
Fly around the world and zoom in on any place on the globe. (Merging with Google Maps.)
Democracy is often an illusion, but organisations like WikiLeaks challenge the system.
A fountain of knowledge about pretty much anything you can imagine, edited by the world.
The amount of video footage that can be found on virtually any topic is fairly amazing.
One (actually two now) weird MP3 for every day of the year; many hours of listening pleasure!
Honouring those who improve our gene pool - by removing themselves from it...
The website of a brilliant American stand-up comedian. You can find lots of material on YouTube.
Loads of interesting stories about the world's history from a fresh perspective.
Indispensable if you're a movie freak like me. This is the ultimate film / cinema web site.
A classic! Enjoy wicked Flash cartoons like 'Frog Blender 2000' and 'Micro-Gerbil'.
Fantastic Celtic music which was brought to our attention by ex-maniac Klaus Everding.
Amazing (and often nonsensical) international statistics. Great fun for list freaks.
Proof that true stories can actually be so much weirder than made-up stories...
A fantastic singer from Islay with the voice of an angel. Her CD's are sold at some distilleries.
Inspired cartoony stuff. I embrace my own oddness, but I'm glad I'm not as odd as Odd Todd...
I don't know Ted personally, but I love some of the ideas spread through this web site.
A psychedelic site - which is best experienced either drunk and/or hung over.
Whacky magazine. Sometimes a tad boring, but at times absolutely hilarious.
A wonderful compendium of quotes. Including famous last words and predictions.
Mix your cocktails on-line with this virtual bartender. Perfect to get rid of sub-standard whisky.
An impressive collection of 'urban legends'.

These are the links for now. Have you found a broken link or do you know of a valuable link I've missed?
Please let me know!  Otherwise, make sure to check out the sitemap for fresh additions to the Malt Madness site.

Bunnahabhain 12 years old Scotch whisky
Looking for liquid links to whisky websites?
Whisky sites

During the 1990's, this page contained an overview of (almost) all whisky sites
on the web. However, in recent years the number of whisky sites has exploded.
Eventually, I simply couldn't keep up with the developments and I had to restrict myself to my
personal favourite whisky sites and 'reciprocal links'. That means that nowadays the selected
hyperlinks on this page only represent a small fraction of the thousands of whisky web sites
on the world wide web. There actually used to be several other categories of links, but over
the years many of them have been integrated with other sections of the Malt Madness site;

The Malt Madness web site would not be complete without a selection of some of my
favourite links to other whisky web sites. The last update occurred on 09/01/2013.
these 'Liquid Links' will grant you access to an overload of information and opinions
about single malt Scotch whisky - as well as many other types of whisky (and whiskey).
Do you also run a web site about whisky and do you want to exchange links perhaps?
Or maybe you know about a good whisky site I've missed? If so, please let me know.

Nevertheless: a virtual overload of whisky web sites...

Even though I've removed most links in recent years, the overview of liquid links below contains a few
dozen links to other whisky web sites. That might seem like more than enough to satisfy the curiosity of
anybody that's interested in single malt whisky - if even remotely. Nevertheless, I should point out once
again that the list below only shows a fraction of the thousands of whisky web sites (really!) that have
emerged on the world wide web over the past decade. You could use Google to find most of them...
The overload of information, trivia, opinions and discussions about whisky and various related topics might
seem a little excessive to the uninitiated, but with the prices of the modern world, it really doesn't hurt to
compare a few different sources before deciding to invest your hard-earned cash (well, at least I assume
it's hard earned and not ill-gotten ;-) in a bottle of whisky. Or a cask of maturing whisky, or a book, or a
vacation to Scotland, or a bagpipe, or a kilt, etc.
These days, this page tries to provide a 'digest' (or rather, a pre-digest of sorts) of the multitude of whisky
websites around the world. In other words, this selection just represents the very best whisky web sites
that I know of. Well, at least those that are updated regularly and provide a "links" page to their readers.
I haven't included any advertising platforms or commercial 'community' sites - if they want to make money
they can simply buy on-line advertising. Please let me know if there's a valuable whisky link I've missed...


Scotch whisky distilleries - The distillery data section has distillery profiles for and links to all whisky distilleries.
Independent whisky bottlers - An overview of most whisky bottlers (who have their own web sites these days).
Whisky industry - I've added an overview of all owners of the Scottish distilleries to the malt whisky mAlmanac.
Whisky brands - The distillery data section contains a page with an overview of hundreds of whisky brands.
Whisky auctions - These are use a lot by collectors and producers of fake bottles, so I removed the links.

Liquid Links
whisky information

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