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30/12/1996 - Log Entry #000 - My Amazing Discovery - How it all began in the beginning of the 1990's.
01/01/1998 - Log Entry #010 - The Worst Whiskies in the World - Memories of a horrid past
01/01/1999 - Log Entry #020 - The Ritual - How I enjoy to enjoy my single malts
01/01/2000 - Log Entry #030 - The System - Explanation of my rating system
01/01/2001 - Log Entry #070 - The 52-Challenge - My pet project for 2001
01/10/2001 - Log Entry #090 - The Four Whisky Seasons - Weather, whisky & some seasonal suggestions
31/12/2001 - Log Entry #100 - Mission Status - What have I learned during phase 1 of my mission?
30/04/2003 - Log Entry #138 - International Walpurgis Session - Germany, France, Belgium, Tasmania
01/07/2003 - Log Entry #140 - Scotland Pildrammage 2003 - My very first visit to Scotland was a blast.
01/11/2003 - Log Entry #150 - Dramsterdam 2003 Diary - A special Two Page Report (here's page two of that report.)
15/09/2004 - Log Entry #176 - Meeting The New Mac - the introduction of Macallan's 'Fine Oak' series.
31/12/2004 - Log Entry #200 - La Grande Desillusion - as it turns out, I didn't 'officially' hit 1000 on my malt mileage yet... 
10/01/2005 - Log Entry #207 - Another Fraud? - We received an alarming report about a potential new fake bottling.
25/05/2005 - Log Entry #240 - Feis Ile 2005 - Davin & I arrive in Glasgow and do some dramming.
09/09/2005 - Log Entry #258 - Eye Candy; SMWS & 26 - a collection of wonderful and unconventional labels.
23/12/2005 - Log Entry #274 - 2005 Wrap-Up - an assembly of my final observations, comments and tasting notes for 2005.
19/02/2006 - Log Entry #287 - Festival Fever - a report about the Whisky Festival Noord Nederland in Groningen.
01/04/2006 - Log Entry #300 - The Big Crunch - How my Liquid Log finally crashed...
06/04/2007 - Log Entry #302 - McTears In My Eyes  (A git bought a 'fake' bottle of Ben Wyvis at McTears.)
09/10/2007 - Log Entry #319 - Malt Minions; The On-line Whisky School  (MM going commercial - sort of...)

Well... like many other pages on the reconstructed Malt Madness pages this one is still a little rough
around the edges, but at least I have all the hyperlinks on the site working again - I think. For over
a decade I've managed to keep things going with just my limited knowledge of HTML, but now the
fact that I've never bothered to pour everything in a 'database' format has come back to haunt me.
Anyway, if you wander back to MM every now and then you may see some developments there.
Like so many other things around this site things have to develop organically, so don't hold your
breath while you're waiting. Meanwhile, check out the home page for the latest liquid log entries
or the Liquid Log archive - or the Blog - for older stuff. The last 'old style' entry in my liquid log
was Log Entry #300 - although it was six pages long. After that I started adding fresh entries.
Incredibly enough, it's now taken me more than a year since I started the big reconstruction.
By the end of 2007 I decided I would try to limit all the 'newsworthy' material and discussions to
the new 'Malt Maniacs & Friends' group on Facebook. I'll try to pick up the regular reporting pace
again when the reconstruction of Malt Madness and Malt Maniacs is finally done.
You can find out what we're talking about on our own Facebook group. Check out the archives for
older stuff - or jump directly to some of the most popular log entries via one of the links below...

More information will be added to this page shortly. Meanwhile, make sure
to check out my Little Black Book for scores on hundreds of malt Scotch
whiskies - or the Distillery Data section for more recent notes and scores.


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