Malt Madness is 'Frozen'...
An Introduction to Malt Madness (version 3.0)
Whisky at the beach
Lagavulin 16 years old Scotch whisky

But I digress... The good news is that Malt Madness is now (as far as I know)
one of the oldest surviving whisky websites on the web. As for the bad news...

And as it turned out, there were! But it was also a more
primitive time. Stuff like social media hadn’t been invented
yet - and your mobile phone was waaaaaay too big to hide
under your swimsuit. If you HAD a mobile phone, that is.

And then I became aware of the world wide web in 1995.
Nobody I knew (at the time) was as crazy about malt whisky
as I was (at the time). So, to find out if there were any other
people that were mad about malts, I launched this website.

(I mean different whiskies, mind you - not just Lagavulin.)

That first ‘dram’ lured me into the wonderful world of whisky with its character and complexity.
It wasn’t long before I started sampling more and more malt whiskies.

My own ‘malt madness’ began in 1991, after I tasted my first glass of Lagavulin 16 years old.
It was well past midnight in a small café in Amsterdam, and I was slightly intoxicated. Nevertheless,
I immediately realised that this thing called ‘malt whisky’ was very different from a blended whisky.

Or a swimsuit, for that matter... 

The site has been kept together by virtual spit and elbow grease over the past
twenty years, but in December 2014, ICT progress finally caught up with me.
The old ‘static’ website crashed like it had never crashed before...

(This is an introduction to MM - visit for more about your’s truly.)

Malt Madness in 2002

The Malt Madness site first crashed in 2002.
The picture at the left was taken shortly before
the incident, and as you can see the site was
already divided into five sections at the time.
The ‘web’ section evolved into a Malt Maniacs
whisky community, while this old Malt Madness
site ended up with these five new sections; .

Beginner’s Guide - Freshly refurbished
Distillery Data - Quite dated but surfable
Whisky Map of Scotland - surfable
Liquid Log - On the back burner for now. 
Whisky Lexicon - Under (re)construction

In April 2015, Google decided that old-fashioned ‘static’ websites like this
one should become harder to find in the future - because apparently there
are now people trying to surf the internet on their ‘smart’ phones.

By the early noughties the web had become
ubiquitous and a world wide whisky community
was forming. In a few years time the tiny group
of ‘foreign correspondents’ evolved into a team.

We also attracted more members and by 2007
dozens of e-mails were flying back and forth on
a daily basis. And then the second big crash
occurred. That was as good a time as any to
launch a second, separate Malt Maniacs site.

And then Malt Madness crashed for the third time in 2014...
But I’m nothing if not persistent. I enthusiastically started with yet another
reconstruction of this twenty years old site. I managed to publish a brand
new version of the Beginner’s Guide (10 chapters with advice for novices)
before my inspiration started to wane due to lack of feedback.

Anyway, this is turning into quite a long story - I’ll wrap up this new introduction shortly, but...

This effectively means that less visitors will be able to find this old website.
You can probably imagine how this development makes spending a lot of free time on Malt Madness less attractive.
That’s why parts of MM will be ‘under construction’ for a while longer. Meanwhile, I will be spending some blood,
sweat & tears on the Whisky Lexicon - a brand new “responsive” website about whisky and whiskey.
As soon as fresh material is published on this third incarnation of Malt Madness website, I’ll tweet about it.
The sitemap provides an overview of all pages on Malt Madness that have been reconstructed.

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