Frequently Asked Questions about Malt Madness

However, when you read this, Malt Madness is being reconstructed.
I haven’t gotten around to a new ‘FAQ’ page yet.
Check out the sitemap for an overview of the fresh pages that have
been finished so far. That are not a lot of pages yet, so if you really
want to do some serious whisky reading I kindly suggest these pages:

Do you have any questions about this site - or about life in general?
Well, not to worry; you may be able to find some of the answers here.
I've tried to answer some frequently asked questions about the
Malt Madness site on this page - as well as a few I made up myself.

OK then, in that case you might as well try to suffer through the dreadful readability of ‘Ye Olde Syte’.
It is divided into these five sections that approach the malt whisky world from five different perspectives;

A Beginner's Guide to Malt Whisky - The guide offers 10 chapters to help you fully appreciate malt whisky.
Distillery Data - Well over 100 profiles on Scotch malt whisky distilleries and an interactive map of Scotland.
mAlmanac - This ‘virtual whisky pocket guide’ includes my ‘hit list’ and my ‘shit list’ - as well as some book tips.
Liquid Log - The old blog offers an archive of 400 reports with tasting notes on more than 3,000 malt whiskies.
Deviant Drams - There are many interesting ‘malternatives’ like blends, vatted malts and world whiskies.

What? Why are you still looking at a mostly empty page? Don’t you have anything better to do?
Apparently not - or you are REALLY eager to read stuff about malt whisky...

Hard to copy pages - That’s right! I’m a control freak.

Hiervandaan ook nog naar PRESS page linken

I think that some Scotch malt whiskies are among the greatest spirits ever produced.
But those whiskies were distilled a few decades ago - they just don’t make ‘em like they used to.
Fortunately, they make excellent whisky in countries like Japan, Taiwan and India now as well.
And there are plenty of interesting ‘malternatives’ like port, sherry, cognac and rum.   >>>>>


Ten chapters to help you appreciate malt whisky even more.
This part was not as badly damaged as many other site sections.
Here you can find the location of every Scotch whisky distillery.
This new section isn’t finished yet, so I suggest you start at ‘A’.
Between 1997 and 2012 I was part of the ‘Malt Maniacs’ collective.

HELP! I have a Frequently Asked Question

Meanwhile, I’ll slowly work on the growing list of questions below

Q: So, what qualifies you...
A: The fact that I’ve now sampled over 5,000 different whiskies, you little snot nose! (Well, I don’t know for sure that you are a snot nose, but statistically spealking the odds are against you because I’m almost 50 years old... ;-)

Q: I’m experiencing problems
Uitleg old technology - en logica; twitter links, etc.

- zie oude versie site op hard drive / there are issues with the use of ‘target links’ in the Chrome browser - just use FireFox or Scroll.

Malt Madness is experiencing technical difficulties

, while I n? For now, the old Distillery Data section provides distillery profiles on more than 100 Scotch malt whisky distilleries while the interactive whisky map of Scotland allows you to find the location of all distilleries. There is plenty of older whisky stuff to read until I’ve refurbished other parts of this website.

 diAK - or the interactive whisky map of Scotland.
In the foreseeable future, this sitemap will be little more than a steadily growing list of links to the
pages that have been ‘refreshed’ - or at least partly finished.


Old-fashioned ‘static’ websites like these are difficult to read on the tiny screens of smart phones.
Just after I had started the third major reconstruction of Malt Madness in 2015, Google informed
us that these old-fashioned websites will be more difficult to find through their search engine.

As a result, I’ll have to change my original plans and start work on the Whisky Lexicon - a new
website that is also browsable on smart phones and tablets. However, I’ll also try to finish the
reconstruction of Malt Madness 3.0. If all goes according to plan, the latest version of this old
website will be divided into six sections - the overview below shows their contents & status.

<<< Test End

For now, if you have a question I suggest you ask it on Twitter or Facebook - or send an e-mail of course...

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