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However, you can enjoy some of the adverts on this site thanks
to the magic of Google’s AdSense system - and they now demand
the use of cookies and the annoying ‘cookie warning’ you may get...

As far as cookies are concerned, I’ve always had some mixed emotions.
I tend to like most of the baked ones, but I’ve always had a healthy
distrust of the digital variety. That is why I avoided using them on
the Malt Madness website altogether until 2015.

About cookies
Malt Madness is 'Frozen'...
Free Speech

In my daily life I try to avoid hypocrisy as much as possible, but
I must admit to being a little more flexible on-line. I’m just hypocritical
enough to use the free tools from Facebook - and an Ad Blocker at
the same time. That way, I’m able to reduce the amount of nonsense
in my news feeds and browsers, if only by a fraction.

So, I guess it’s something you’ll have to live with - at least for now.
The ‘antique’ website itself doesn’t use cookies, but the Google
adverts and third party tools like Twitter may require them. Sorry.

If you’re concerned about your privacy on-line (as you should be),
you can often simply adjust your browser settings so that cookies on
your PC or device are automatically erased. That way, Facebook
and ‘big data’ advertisers won’t be able to target you (as well) when
you are most vulnerable - just innocently browsing around.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ll try to fill up this page after I‘ve actually
got that cookie warning to work properly. Meanwhile, check out the
sitemap for an overview of pages on Malt Madness...

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