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Malt Madness - Established 1995

So, you're interested in single malt whisky, eh? That’s odd; me too!
Actually, for over two decades I've been more than just ‘interested’ in
malt whisky. One might even say that I suffer from ‘malt madness’.

So, in 1995 I published a few purely personal webpages on whisky.
It wasn’t long before things got out of hand. In December 2014 the
site had over a thousand pages - and then it crashed spectacularly.

The good news is that most of the old pages are still surfable,
but some information might be slightly outdated. Pages will be
improved as I go along - the column at the left shows updates.

But enough about this website - I imagine you’d like to read about whisky.
Over the years, I’ve collected 20 years worth of data on that topic, tasted over 5,000 whiskies and
wrote hundreds of articles about Scotch malt whisky. In due time everything should be reconstructed.

Follow me on Twitter for updates on the reconstruction or check
out the Malt Madness page on Facebook for comments & debates.
Last but not least you can find some whisky news on a special page.

Over the next few months the largest part of this website will
still consist of old information - but that’s nothing to scoff at.
The Distillery Data section is currently being updated and
expanded and the same goes for the Scotch whisky Map.

They provide details on over 100 whisky distilleries in
Scotland, like when it was founded, production capacity,
a review of the history and tasting notes for expressions.
I’ve restarted my whisky blog as well; a Liquid Log with
more than 400 entries about my (mis)adventures in the
wild world of whisky. However, my blog was damaged.

Not to worry, though - thanks to our sponsors, a complete
reconstruction of Malt Madness (eventually) is guaranteed.

For (relative) beginners, the whisky world can be quite confusing. To help novices make some
sense of all the nonsense, the Beginner’s Guide to Malt Whisky provides ten chapters with
some of the ‘basic’ information that you will need during your exploration of the whisky world.
Also in the works: the Debunker Bunker and the Advanced Beginner’s Guide.  >>>>>

The old Distillery Data section contains 150 pages about the whisky distilleries in Scotland.
Those pages look a little funky after the crash, but are still more or less browsable. Apart from
information about the history, equipment and practices of each distillery, the DD section has
thousands of tasting notes for various expressions of each distillery.   >>>>>

Do you know what earlier versions Malt Madness were missing? A list with detailed information
about the words and phrases that are commonly used in the whisky world. But just after I had
started work on this new website section, it turned out that I had to build a whole new website.
And confusingly enough I decided to name that website ‘Whisky Lexicon’ as well.   >>>>>

I don’t think that the word ‘blogging’ had been invented yet in the 1990s, but I didn’t feel like
waiting for the rest of the web to catch up. So, I started writing about whisky in my Liquid Log.
By 2015 there were over 400 log entries with tasting notes on more than 4,000 malt whiskies.
That’s a lot of my purely personal opinions to burden the web with, so I’ve slowed down now.

You can find the locations of (almost) all whisky distilleries on the interactive whisky map.
And if you move your mouse over the location of the distillery, a tiny window pops up with some
additional information. Actually clicking on the name of the distillery will take you to the profile
of that distillery in the Distillery Data section with additional info and tasting notes.   >>>>>






To help you decide where to surf to next, here’s an overview of the five sections of MM:

A big, fat whisky baby

And that’s it for now - please follow me on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

It will take quite some time because I am a big fat baby - and I simply don’t
enjoy working ALL THE TIME - even if it is on a “labour of love” like this site.
So, I do take the time to watch a good movie or smell the proverbial roses. 

And this concludes the overview of the five (new) sections of Malt Madness.
Returning visitors might miss some old pages and sections (for example my old
‘Hit’ and ‘Shit’lists, the ‘BFYB-list’, the mAlmanac or the ‘Deviant Drams’ section),
but those (or alternatives) will probably return in some form in due time.

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