One of the things that I like to think is that my perspective on the malt whisky world has changed.
When I drank my first glass of Lagavulin 16yo single malt whisky in 1991, I was blown away by
its character, complexity and power. Those were the elements that got me hooked, and qualities
like authenticity and variety kept me interested in malt Scotch whisky during the first decade.

One of the reasons I decided to retire from the Malt Maniacs collective in 2012 was the amount of
free time it took to maintain two different whisky websites (at least if you do it like you mean it).
And for a while, I didn’t even feel a lot of pressure to actively maintain even ONE whisky website, so
I’ve been doing a lot of walking and cycling instead. This, in turn, gave me plenty of time to think.

So, I felt it might be a nice idea to write my log entry #401
about those first years of confusion - a.k.a. the 1990s.
Some people call me a big fat baby, but I’d much rather
look at myself as a child of my time. And my timing could
not have been better, because I discovered single malts
just after the whisky crisis of the 1980s. READ MORE >>>

After the dust of the noughties had settled, a brand new whisky world had emerged.
It was much larger than before - and lines between ‘industry’ and ‘consumers’ had become blurry.
That’s why Liquid Log entry #403 deals with the paradigm shift in the whisky world I became aware of recently.
Both the whisky industry and the composition of the whisky market have changed - and hot air is a hot commodity.

A big, fat whisky baby

So, then the new millennium arrived and the demand for
Scotch whisky grew again. So did the number of internet
users - and members of our little on-line whisky community.

In hindsight, this was also stage 2 of my malt madness - and log entry #402 explains why...

And that’s it for now - check out the sitemap for an overview of fresh pages or contact me with questions.

An introduction to Malt Madness

Upcoming Scotch malt whisky information

And as you can see at the left, there is now (a little) room for advertising on
the Malt Madness site as well. This wasn’t the case for a long time, because
I wanted MM to remain as neutral as possible. However, I also want websites
that I maintain ‘for fun’ to be as self-sustainable as possible.

Good for you! If you’ve never visited this website, there’s a lot to explore...
The old site offer hundreds of pages with facts and opinions about whisky,
but it’s also easy to get lost. That’s why I added an introduction to this site.

I could have kept on dramming happily from my ‘reserve stock’ of old whisky
bottles that I bought in the 1990s - but I’ve already sampled and scored most
of those whiskies. What’s more, those ‘antique’ whiskies are quite hard to
find by now - and the prices are not very attractive to the average consumer.

So, I will use the future proceeds of the advertising on MM to invest in the
occasional fresh bottle of malt whisky - or another alcoholic beverage that
happens to tickle my fancy. That also means that the ‘Deviant Drams’ section
about other spirits will be updated and expanded shortly.

First time visitors
Malt Whisky - All you need to know about it...
Malt Madness - Established 1995

So, you're interested in single malt whisky, eh? That’s odd; me too!
Actually, for over two decades I've been more than just ‘interested’ in
malt whisky. One might even say that I suffer from ‘malt madness’.

So, in 1995 I published a few purely personal webpages on whisky.
It wasn’t long before things got out of hand. In December 2014 the
site had over a thousand pages - and then it crashed spectacularly.

The good news is that the Beginner’s Guide to Malt Whisky
(10 chapters with everything a novice needs to know) has been
refreshed and expanded - and parts of the old site are still intact.

The Distillery Data section provides profiles on more than 100
whisky distilleries while the interactive Scotch whisky map and the
Malt Maniacs Archives (covering 1997-2012) are ‘surfable’ as well.

Unfortunately, Google has made old-fashioned sites like these harder to find.
That’s why I will be focusing most of my attention on a brand new Whisky Lexicon website in the future.
That site has a responsive lay-out, so it should be easier to browse with a tablet or smart phone...

Malt Madness is 'Frozen'...

The sitemap and the introduction provide some more
information about Malt Madness and the progress of the
reconstruction. This will probably be steady but slow,
because I’ll be working on the Whisky Lexicon as well.

Many parts of MM will be under construction for at least
a few more months - but fortunately the techno-carnage
didn’t destroy all pages on the old Malt Madness site.

Because old skool websites like Malt Madness were
designed to be enjoyed on a laptop or PC, they usually
had a width of at least 1000 pixels for a fairly complex
lay-out and interface. And if you felt you needed 2000
or 3000 words to tell a story, you could fill a long page.
This has now changed - and I need some time to adjust.

Malt Madness on the Waybackmachine

Meanwhile, I will try to repair other damage of the latest crash.
You can follow me on Twitter if you want to stay informed about
the progress of the reconstruction of the old website.

If you’re already familiar with Malt Madness and are looking up
other older articles or pages, the Wayback Machine might still
provide the specific whisky information that you are looking for.
You can jump back to most points between 2000 and 2014...

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